Artist Statement

I am a performer and lover of the arts. I believe everyone is an artist and everyone has something to offer. With my background in dance, theater, film and design, I strive to intermingle all into my work including collaboration with other artists in other mediums. Inspiration comes from life experience. Introduced to art at a young age, I grew up attending dance performances, art galleries, and theater performances while attending dance, art and acting classes. Personal influence are the Joffrey Ballet, Tharp, Fosse, Ailey, Momix, Hitchcock, Kandisnky and Klee. My work focuses on dance and technology but also incorporates elements of graphic design, improvisation and theatric elements. Visual contrast is a common theme: the stage itself is a canvas. Elements of color, depth, and balance play strong roles. I create my own multimedia accompaniment using edited photographs and interesting vdeo. I make my work because I love and need to create: it is when I am at my best. My work is driven by a need to express myself through color and movement. I continue to explore technology and believe we sometimes overuse it to the point of removing the human element. I believe art should be accessible to all.

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