Mmmmmm ... Bacon (Some Pigs)


Frontera Fest Short Fringe, Hyde Park Theatre, Austin, TX

Choreography by Melissa Watt

2011, 2014


Six dancers wearing pig masks, women’s accessories, and men’s underwear explore self-awareness, gluttony, and image.


Music by My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult, Morphine, Petty Booka, Trio Dance Studio Theater, Texas Woman’s University, Denton, TX

dancer's Foot & La Familia que... 


Big Range Dance Festival, Salvage Vanguard Theatre, Austin, TX

Choreography by Melissa Watt

2011, 2012


A video parody of an advertisement and a multi-media dance parody of a telenovela


Videography and editing by Melissa Watt

Music from iMovie ’09, version 8.0.6 (821)

Dance Studio Theatre, Texas Woman’s University, Denton, TX



Life and Breath


Choreography by Melissa Watt



A scored improvisational solo with video projections using space, breath, and repetition. 


Joe B. Rushing Performing Arts Center Carillion Theatre, Ft Worth, TX




Dance UpClose, Texas Woman’s University, Denton, TX

Choreography by Melissa Watt and Morgan Eisenhauer



The live body subtly intermingles with the dancer in a film.

Music by John Cage performed by Philipp Vandre

Music edited by Melissa Watt


Migration Patterns in Wartime: Exodus


Choreography by Christina Sughkian Houle



Big Bend National Park and locations in Terlingua, TX

But All in Vain


Dance Up Close, Texas Woman's University, Denton, TX

Choreography by Melissa Watt & Whitney Boomer    



From costumes of can and paper to a world with video projections, a princess

and a minion connect




Dance UpClose, Texas Woman’s University, Denton, TX

Directed by Melissa Watt &  Amanda Jackson

Videography by Melissa Watt & Scott Thompson

Stop-Motion Photography by Jesse Scroggins



A site-specific dance film and framing images and bodies in space


Music: FC Kahuna

Commissioned by Richland College for Faculty Concert, Dallas, TX

Hub Shorts, Dallas Hub Theater, Dallas, TX

American College Dance Festival Association Dance Film Screening,

Nachitoches, LA

Waiting and wanting, too


Created as a collaboration between Melissa Watt, Gabrielle Aufiero and Lourdes Pelaez




What does it mean to wait?

Can one wait without waiting for something or wanting for something? How does one wait?


In an effort to explore these questions, three

females set out to experience waiting as a state of being and as a state of transit. Their location within  a body of water creates the time lapse necessary for an audience to

perceive their  journey.



Frontera Fest Long Fringe 



A 5-minute improvised solo observing procrastination in action


The Blue Theater, Austin, TX

Oedipus the King 


Directed by Steve Young



A play written by Sophocles translated by Paul Roche.


Redbud Theater, Texas Woman's University, Denton, TX


No, that doesn't make you look fat


Written and directed by Viva la Vulva



A full-length comedy about growing up and the changes we go through in life


The Blue Theater, Austin, TX


Body and Box




A site-specific exploration of space and bodies of the performers and audience

Ponderosa P.O.R.C.H., Stolzenhagen, Germany

Seven Deadly Sins


Choreography by Melissa Watt & Debra MacAdoo



A 7-minute solo with video instillation questioning the seven deadly sins from

the perspective of different individuals from the age of 11-72


Music by Erik Satie                                       

William B Carver Theater, Austin, TX

The Divided Line


Choreography by REALMdanceproject       



A full-length performance based on Plato's Allegory of the Cave.

Dougherty Arts Center, Austin, TX




Frontera Fest Short Fringe, Hyde Park Theater, Austin, TX

Choreography by REALMdanceproject 



A work about women and their baggage

New York International Fringe Festival, The Ontological Theater

New York City, NY

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